Psoriasis Solution Masterclass: 3 Ways To Radically Reduce The Rash Even If Nothing Else Has Worked

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Hosted By: Dayna Hrovath

Throughout my career as a Dermatology Physician Assistant, so many people have come to me feeling embarrassed, uncomfortable in their skin, wanting to hide from me and everyone else, and unsure what to do to make things better. They are desperate for help, but medications have been their only option. Many want another choice, a way to help improve the root of the issue, naturally. 

When I hit a health roadblock, I found that conventional medicine wasn’t cutting it. While on that journey, I discovered the wonders of alternative methods and got my Functional Medicine certification. I realized psoriasis warriors were often in the dark about the wonders of alternative methods and Functional Medicine. So, I developed the 3C Skin Saving Method™, blending dermatology and holistic approaches. Having a plan that lets you take control of your own health is paramount to success. My goal is to empower those with psoriasis, making them active participants in reclaiming their skin and overall health, so they can love the skin they're in.

May 15, 2024 at 4pm ET

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